The best tree service Philadelphia has to offer deals with a variety of dangerous diseases every day. These health issues affect a broad variety of trees and can cause health problems and even death in your gorgeous trees. One of the worst of these problems is Massaria.

Philadelphia tree service experts are always worried when trees start showcasing symptoms of this disease. It is caused by a fungus known as Splanchnonema
platani. When this disease affects trees on your property, it can cause weakened branches that die and fall off of your tree.

While this disease mostly occurs in England, it has spread to various parts of the world and has become a serious plague on many trees. As their branches start to die, they can start cracking apart and falling off. This is dangerous because structures on your property or even family members could be hit by one of these falling limbs and suffer severe injury.

Even worse, it can quickly spread through the rest of your tree and cause widespread death and damage throughout its structure. This issue can become serious when a windstorm strikes and your tree is ripped out by the roots. As you sit and watch this beautiful tree crash into your home, you’ll wish you contacted Philadelphia tree service experts about this problem much sooner.

That’s why it is essential to call the best tree service Philadelphia has to offer and get your trees removed if they suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to save them at this point, making complete removal the only option that works for most people.

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