For years you’ve been thinking that your yard really needs an extra tree out front. However, if you head to the home improvement center and buy the first one you like, you might not end up with a purchase that fits or will even survive. When you consult your tree service in Philadelphia first, you’ll be better able to select the right addition for your property.

  • How Big Will It Grow? A decorative cherry tree is the same size as a white oak when you buy it, but the cherry will top out at 15′ tall, while the oak can grow up to 75-100′ and continue to expand in girth for one hundred years. Take a careful survey of the area that the tree is going to accent before deciding on which one to buy.
  • Invasive Species vs. Native Species: Many popular species offered by big box stores are often considered invasive. Maples rapidly seed and you can be fighting the sprouts for decades. Others will crowd out native species. Your knowledgeable tree service Philadelphia has will be able to inform you on which species are good additions to the local environment, and which should be avoided.
  • Expected Longevity: Willows and poplars grow quickly, filling in the bare spots of your property, But after ten to fifteen years they will start to fall over and die. Instead of a single specimen, you end up calling your tree service in Philadelphia to come rip it out.
  • Annual Loss of Foliage: Even evergreens can drop needles and pinecones. If you’re trying to avoid raking every year, talk to the tree service Philadelphia as to buy the right tree for your yard.
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