Your lawn says a lot about your house. Your lawn is what you and other people see first when coming to your home. A dry, messy, or unhealthy lawn isn’t very inviting. It can be incredibly frustrating if your lawn looks like this even when you are trying your best to keep it healthy.

Lack of Water

One of the most common problems affecting lawn health is a lack of water. Grass lawns, like most other plants, need constant watering to stay healthy. If you suspect your lawn isn’t getting watered enough, check to make sure that your sprinkler system is working properly. As much as possible, avoid watering your lawn during the heat of the day. The sun will evaporate the water very quickly, not leaving much behind for the lawn. Watering your lawn during the day wastes a lot of water and money. The best time to water your lawn is first thing in the morning since this is the coolest time of day, meaning evaporation happens the slowest at this time.


Even if you are doing everything you can on your end to take care of your lawn, there can be other factors and pests that negatively affect the health of your lawn. For example, moles can cause serious damage to your lawn by digging holes. These holes can mess up your careful landscaping and also be tripping hazards for you or any visitors to your home. Make sure to check your lawn for possible pests. Once you know which pests are responsible for destroying your lawn, find ways to eliminate them by hiring professionals, setting traps, or putting up additional fencing to keep them out.

Lack of Nutrients

Another common problem affecting the health of lawns is a lack of nutrients in the soil. Even if grass is watered consistently and pest-free, it will still be unhealthy if it doesn’t have proper nutrients in the soil. Pale green or yellow grass indicates that there is a lack of nutrients in your soil. You can combat this problem by mixing in new, nutritious soil or using fertilizers to boost the nutrients in the preexisting soil.

Don’t be discouraged if your lawn doesn’t look great. There are always ways to improve how your lawn looks. A healthy, green lawn accentuates the beauty of any home. Taking time to make sure your lawn is healthy will make your home more beautiful and welcoming.

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