The obvious part of tree removal is, well, the tree. But what about what is left behind? Removing the stump after tree removal is extremely important for many reasons, and it is something that many tree companies fail to mention after removing a tree. However, leaving a tree stump behind can pose various risks as well as leave eyesores across your lawn. Make sure you know the basics of stump removal and stump grinding prior to having your tree removed, and choose a tree removal company that is licensed in stump removal to remove your tree (and the remaining stump).

Q: What hazards does a leftover stump bring to my property?

A: A leftover stump can be a danger to playful kids, who can easily trip on them and become injured by the protruding stump while playing in their yard. It also provides a great environment for unwanted pests, which could lead to further costs for an exterminator down the road should you develop an infestation in your yard. Finally, the healthy trees you choose keep in your yard are at risk of any transferrable tree rot diseases that the remaining stump could spread. It’s always best to avoid these hazards by having the stump removed.

Q: How is the stump removed?

A: A good tree service company will use a stump grinder, which is a piece of equipment with metal teeth that grinds down the wood into wood chips. Also a characteristic of a thorough and skilled company will be the depth they grind. To ensure that the entire stump and majority of the root system is removed, the stump should be ground down 6-8 inches below the surface.

Q: I see that my local hardware store offers stump grinders, is it okay to remove the stump myself?

A: Just as with tree removal, many homeowners find themselves with a bigger job than they can handle when it comes to stump removal. Experienced professionals can remove the unsightly stump in your yard in a quick and safe manner, ensuring that the stump and its root system are adequately removed and your lawn is not destroyed in the process.

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