Maintain proper tree care every month of the year for proper tree care

Trees tend to lose attention during the winter, however this is a season where tree care is actually very important. With heavy storms that blast through the area, safety is a huge factor in making sure you keep up on your winter tree care. There are plenty of tree services in Philadelphia that can help you with this as well. A good company knows the importance of winter tree maintenance, and will provide excellent tree service. Philadelphia is known for its beautiful trees and storms alike, so making sure you stay on top of things is important.

Q: What should I do for tree care during the months of October and November?

A: Good question, tree services in Philadelphia will all tell you that these months are crucial for planting new trees, aerating the yard, plant spring-blooming bulbs, and prune and fertilize any existing evergreens. If you are concerned about your ability to do this, call a company who specializes in tree service. Philadelphia is home to a few great companies.


Q: What about December? Do I need to do anything to my trees during this month?

A: Take the focus off the Christmas tree and onto the trees in your yard! Yes, December is a great month for tree maintenance. You can start your winter tree pruning, spray evergreens with anti-transpirants, and get in the holiday seasons by pruning your evergreen for decorations.


Q: Can a tree service in Philadelphia help me with my tree maintenance during the months of January and February?

A: If you are in need of tree service, Philadelphia companies are experienced and can definitely give you a hand. It is likely that they will prune any fall-blooming shrubs, hedges, and complete any winter tree pruning that needs to be done on your yard.


Don’t put your landscaping on the back burner during the bitter cold winter months. Your trees and shrubs still need love during this time in order to maintain their beauty, so keep this list in mind during the upcoming winter season.

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