If looking for tree services, odds are you need to remove, replace, or tidy up the trees on your property. It sounds like a simple proposition, doesn’t it? But just because the job doesn’t seem too complex doesn’t mean you should settle for an amateur with a rented brush cutter! Here’s our list of all the things you should look for when hiring professional and affordable tree trimming services.

Experience & Credentials

The first thing everyone seems to be demanding from their tree trimming contractors is experience. You don’t want to leave your property in the hands of amateurish enthusiasts just entering the trade. You want seasoned professionals with decades in the business, guaranteeing competence. But is a single line claiming “we’ve been doing this for years” enough for you to trust some random guys with chainsaws?

Of course not. That’s why you look for accreditation as well. A dependable and professional tree trimming service will have certified arborists in-house. They won’t hesitate to demonstrate that they have all the credentials and licenses required to do business in your area. And you shouldn’t be afraid to ask, either!

Reviews & Referrals

When looking to hire professional contractors, few things are as reliable as direct referrals. Word-of-mouth works wonders when and if you can get it. But if you’re unable to obtain affordable tree trimming services referred to by a friend or neighbor, there are alternatives as well.

These days, small businesses rely heavily on the reputation garnered by online reviews. Browse through websites such as yelp.com, or find a local listing specific to your area. Take the time to read through the reviews, good and bad alike, and make an informed decision.

It goes without saying that you should also try to give something back. If a reviewer has helped you make the right call when hiring a contractor, take the time to leave a review of your own! Someone else might find it helpful and informative when making a decision of their own.

Insurance Coverage

It should go without saying that any tree trimming service worth hiring will have adequate insurance coverage. You don’t want uninsured staff working on your property! Liabilities for any accidents at work that might occur must be clearly laid out in the contract signed by both parties.

Never hesitate to ask about the details of your tree trimming technician’s insurance policy. It’s up to them, as professional contractors, to outline the basics of their insurance to you verbally, in layman’s terms. Not only that, but they should be able to provide all the required documentation confirming that they’re indeed insured to the degree they claim.

If it turns out that they are dodgy about their insurance in any way, that should be a dealbreaker for you. Simply look for tree trimming services elsewhere in your area!

Professional Conduct

Now, this metric is tied closely to experience (see above), but it goes a little further. Whenever you’re letting a stranger work on your property, what you want above all else is professionalism. You want a tree trimming technician who knows exactly what they’re doing and conducts himself in a cordial, friendly manner. You want them to take care of your property as if it were their own and leave it in a better condition than they found it.

The question is, how can you know ahead of time that this is what you’re getting? Well, you can’t ever know with absolute certainty, but homeowners are often good at reading people. When contacting a tree service provider, take note of how they conduct themselves. Try to get a sense of how serious they are about their work and how transparent they are about their business. Based on these parameters, we have every confidence that you’ll make the right call.

Cost Considerations

Last but not least, there’s the cost to consider. All tree trimming services need to turn a profit and keep themselves in business, of course. But when you look at their rates, it turns out they vary a lot. So how do you tell that what they’re charging you is reasonable?

Sadly, there are quite a few tree-trimming businesses out there trying to make a quick buck by overcharging the customer. The only way to avoid this is to do business with companies that make it crystal clear what you’re getting and how much that costs. If the quote you receive is unclear, or if reviewers mention that the company tacks on hidden fees – look elsewhere!

Fortunately, there are long-established tree service companies that find it in their best interest to retain customers by dealing fairly. Offering affordable rates and avoiding hidden costs, these tree trimming professionals keep regular clients happy. Instead of the “one and done” model, they focus on lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

In Summary

The five steps outlined above should help you hire a professional and affordable tree trimming service with a degree of confidence. By way of summary, here’s a simple breakdown of what you should be on the lookout for.

  1. Do your research. Make sure your contractor has the experience and the credentials.
  2. Ask around. Go through the reviews and testimonials of their previous customers.
  3. Demand insurance. Make sure the company is fully insured against all eventualities.
  4. Vibe check. Does the contractor come off as polite and professional?
  5. Get your quote. Make sure all the expenses are accounted for in advance.

And that’s about it – you should be well on your way to finding reliable, affordable tree trimming professionals. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at Pinecrest Tree Services for more information.

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