Tree removal is a big job but once the tree is down and carried away there is another job that needs to be done- stump removal. There are number of reasons why you need to consider hiring professional tree services for stump grinding in Philadelphia. Here are some of the reasons you should call Pinecrest Tree Services. For stump grinding, Philadelphia homeowners need to consider these points:

1. They aren’t pretty.
Not much clutters up the landscape and creates more if an eyesore than a big tree stump sitting in your flower beds or in the yard!

2. Stumps are hazardous.
Stumps can pose a major safety risk for your family- especially children or elderly members who could easily trip over them and fall.

3. New tree growth.
Many types of trees send out new shoots to try and continue growing and these can sprout from the root and stump, creating a major headache.

4. Stumps are annoying.
Remaining tree stumps make yard care harder because they are difficult to navigate around with mowers and other pieces of lawn devices.

5. Major insect attractors.
When stumps are left in the yard they can begin to rot and decay which invites many pests to set up residence in your yard!

6. Stumps cost you money.
The more stumps there are left in the yard the more it will cost because it will take more time and care to keep your yard looking good.

Typically, you’ll spend extra money to grind down the stumps, but it would well be worth it in the long run to be free of the worry and risk involved with leaving stumps in your yard. Call Pinecrest Tree Services to set up your free consultation and to see what stump grinding in Philadelphia can do for you!

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