While the sunshine during the summer months can help your landscaping and garden to thrive, the heat can also cause problems. To keep your landscape in good shape during the summer, there are a handful of things you can do every day. Complete these steps to keep your landscape thriving throughout the summer.

Keep it Watered

With the extra heat of summer, it’s more important than ever to keep your yard and garden properly watered. If you under water your plants, they will dry up and die. However, overwatering can also cause problems. In general, you should water your landscape enough to ensure that the soil is always slightly moist. To test this, stick a finger knuckle-deep into the soil. If it comes back dry, you need to water your landscaping. If the soil is moist, it is properly watered. It’s also best to water your landscaping when it’s not too hot. Otherwise, the water could evaporate before it’s absorbed into the soil.

Remove Pests

One of the most common issues that homeowners face regarding their landscaping is dealing with pests. Especially in the summertime, insects, rodents, and other small pests can ruin your landscaping. Moles can cause serious damage to your yard and irrigation system. To keep pests out, there are many different routes you can take depending on the size and type of the pest. First, a fence can keep out many of the larger pests such as moles, squirrels, and rabbits. For pests like aphids, there are many natural, DIY sprays that can repel aphids and other insects from your landscaping.

Add Mulch

In areas of your yard that aren’t covered with grass or other vegetation, adding mulch can help your landscaping be better protected from the summer heat. Mulch helps cool the soil temperature in your yard significantly, slows evaporation, and prevents weed growth. Mulch also looks great, and gives your lawn a cleaner overall look. Mulch can be a great ground covering around any plants or trees in your yard. Nutrients from the mulch can also help the plants grow stronger.

Summer is a big season for growth, and the warmth of the summer months can help your landscaping thrive. However, it is still critical that you take action to keep your landscaping as healthy as possible. Follow these steps to make sure your landscaping does well in the summer.

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