Getting rid of that stump is extremely important.

There are a variety of reasons people may choose to remove trees from their yard. Safety, landscaping, and legal reasons are all just a few reasons one may decide to remove a tree. However, many people often forget one crucial aspect of tree removal: the stump. When it comes to stump grinding, Philadelphia homeowners should make sure that they hire a company who is experienced in this service. There are many reasons to utilize a company who provides stump grinding in Philadelphia . Here are just a few.


It’s extremely easy for a pet, child, or yourself to trip over a leftover tree stump and doing so can cause serious injury. For the safety of you and your family, it is important to hire a company to remove your tree who also specializes in stump grinding. Philadelphia is a safer place with our stump grinding services!

2.Pest Control

A leftover stump is a great place for unwanted pests to make their home in. Leaving the stump behind could end up leading to you needing to hire an expensive pest control service. For this reason, stump grinding in Philadelphia is always recommended.

3.Disease Management

If you had to remove one of your trees due to rot or a tree disease, leaving the stump behind can spread the disease to the other trees. This is why, with stump grinding, Philadelphia homeowners should always ensure that the stump is fully removed. Doing so helps to prevent any rot or spread of diseases throughout the root system.

For all of your stump grinding and tree removal needs, we can help. Stump grinding in Philadelphia is extremely important when it comes to keeping a safe, clean, and healthy lawn. Pinecrest Tree Services specializes in all types of tree services, especially stump grinding. Give us a call today and let’s get rid of that unwanted, ugly stump!

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