After living in your big-city home for the last several years, you
finally decided to get rid of the trees that were in your yard. Though
you loved them in many ways, they were simply too big and getting in the
way of your home enjoyment. However, you now have stumps in your yard
that you think might need to be treated by a stump grinding
specialist in Philadelphia. Understanding the different approaches that they use can help you better understand which is right for your needs.


Stump grinding
is often a difficult and challenging process, and few methods are as
tricky as this one. Rather than cutting out the stump or using other
treatment methods – which will be discussed below – grubbing requires
digging into the ground around the stump and removing it by your hands.
While you can use some heavy machinery for this process, you typically
have to do most of the work by hand.

The benefits of this process are many. First of all, you’ll save
yourself money and avoid having to do any long-lasting harm to your
lawn. Secondly, the size of your stump in a big-city home is probably
quite small, do the limited yard space. As a result, you can probably
dig the stump out relatively quickly and have it out of your yard in a
day or two, at most.

However, the drawbacks to this approach are apparent: you’re going to
work very hard to finish. Even if you hire professionals to grub out
your stub, they’re likely to charge you extra for the physical labor
involved. Even worse, the amount of dirt removed from your lawn with
this technique can be tremendous, leaving you with a large hole that is
quite unattractive and which needs to be seeded with grass.

Chemical Stump Removal

If you live in a busy city environment and want to make your stump grinding
as simple as possible, chemical stump removal is probably your best
choice. This option is designed to eat away at the wood of the stump in a
simple manner and to destroy the stump from the inside to the outside.
In this way, the wood will quickly disappear, and your lawn will be
stump-free again.

The benefits of this approach are many. First of all, you won’t have
to contend with any loud grinding tools that add to the noise pollution
of the city. Those these options may get rid of stumps just as well as
chemicals, they are often too loud or take too long for some people.
Even better, you won’t have to deal with wood dust flying through your
yard uncomfortably and frustratingly.

Chemical stump removal does have its downside. For example, chemical
stump removal is often a time-consuming process and usually works not as
a complete removal method but more as a way of preparing your stump for
being removed. And the chemicals may move beyond the wood of your stump
and contaminate your property, which can be a problem if you try to


Those who don’t like chemical stump removal – or who found that their
chemicals didn’t destroy the whole stump – may want to consider burning
the stump out of the ground. This approach has a variety of unique
benefits. For example, this method is one of the oldest on the market,
and many stump removal experts can perform this process relatively

Even better, this approach can destroy your stump more quickly than
other methods and give you access to a cleaner lawn. However, drawbacks
do exist for this method as well. When a stump is very deep in the
ground – which it often is in many cases – the burning may not get deep
enough to destroy all the wood. It may also leave behind charcoal that
doesn’t decompose in your yard.

And, in a city, you may have a hard time getting permission to
perform this type of burn. While burning may be easy to do in the
country, where there are fewer houses around to potentially burn, packed
cities typically have too many homes that could be threatened by this
process. So while it might be a good choice if you’re somehow not too
densely populated in your city, this choice may be a hard one for you.

Stump Grinders

The most popular method of eliminating stumps is probably still
grinding. This method is easily the best way to get rid of stumps and
provides you with many different benefits. For example, a good grinder
can destroy a stump in no more than an hour or two. Though this process
will physically challenge anyone who tries it, no other technique is as
fast as this method.

Just as importantly, this type of approach eliminates the wood and
leaves your lawn clean. This advantage is an excellent benefit for
somebody in a big city because your yard might only have one or two
trees that need to be removed. As a result, you could potentially
eliminate all of your stumps in a short afternoon of work, though
professional help is still a smart choice here.

As you might imagine, there are some drawbacks to this approach. The dust and debris created by a stump grinding
can be immense and may pollute your lawn if you aren’t careful.
Thankfully, many professionals use grinders that automatically catch
this dust in a bag to prevent spilling. The loud noise of the grinder
may also be annoying, particularly when combined with the sounds of the
city. This minor inconvenience, however, doesn’t do much to eliminate
the benefits of this approach.

We Can Grind Your Stumps

As you can see, getting rid of stumps in the big city doesn’t have to
be a frustrating situation that takes an excessively long period of
time. In many instances, you may be able to get rid of stumps in your
yard in just an hour with stump grinding
treatments. Other situations may require more specialized approaches
that utilize a variety of techniques to maximize treatment
effectiveness. And please, don’t try any of these techniques on your
own, or you run the risk of running into serious problems.

So if you live in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas and you
need your big-city stumps removed as soon as possible, please contact
us at Pinecrest Tree Services to learn more about our high-quality
treatment methods. We utilize many different techniques to get rid of
stumps, particularly stump grinding in Philadelphia
, and will work hard to identify the best possible process for your unique needs.

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