After years of watching your favorite couple of trees get sick and die, you had them removed from your yard. This situation can be a tough one for some to handle, which is why so many don’t get stump grinding near Philadelphia, PA
completed. However, this oversight is a problem because leftover tree stumps can be dangerous if they are left in your yard for too long.

As a result, you need to understand why stumps can be such a problem in your yard if you don’t get them removed. The following issues are among the most common concerns you’re likely to experience with stumps that have been left behind. Unfortunately, other issues beyond these might occur, which is why it is so important to grind that stump as soon as possible.

Dangerous Tripping Hazards

If you leave a tree stump in your yard after you cut down the tree, get ready to fix up a lot of scraped knees, bumps on the head, and cuts in the skin on your children. Unfortunately, stumps have a bad way of getting in the way of even the most skilled child’s feet while they play. Stumps often seem like just another part of the scenery to a child and may be hard to see if they’re nearly flush to the ground.

As a result, your child may experience a lot of bumps and bruises as they play in your yard. Unfortunately, this may even drive your child to stop playing outdoors and come inside more often, where they won’t get much exercise. A good stump grinding
service will avoid this problem by getting rid of the offending wood and making your yard a safer place to visit.

Lawn Mower Hazards

This problem is one that is most likely to affect you or your teenage children – lawn mower damage. For example, you or your teen may ride the lawn mower right over a stump and cause a ruckus while the blades try to chop up the wood. While these blades will be strong enough to cut some of the wood, the stump is likely to win this battle and cause damage to your lawn mower.

Even worse, hitting a stump may cause you or your child to tip the lawn mower and cause a very dangerous situation. For example, many lawn mowers can weigh several hundred pounds and can be very dangerous when they land on you. And the spinning blades can be a deadly hazard that may be hard to avoid if you’re trying to fight off a tipping lawn mower. Stump grinding
can help you to get rid of these issues and protect your family.

Attracting Pests

After the rest of the wood is removed from your yard, the remaining stump will start to rot and become a mass of pulped wood. Unfortunately, this rotting wood will become a beacon for a multitude of problematic pests that you simply can’t tolerate. Many of these pests will damage your yard and its grass or even invade your home and make a mess of it.

For example, pests such as termites, ants, and beetles love to invade a rotting stump and make it their home. From here, these pests may then decide to investigate your home and may decide that they’d rather live there than outside with dangerous predators. As a result, stump grinding
is an essential task that can not only protect your yard and grass but your home and your health as well.

Disease Potential

Tree diseases are perhaps one of the most common reasons people remove stumps from their yards. After all, eliminating the diseased tree will minimize the spread of this condition and ensure that the rest of your trees are healthy. However, there’s a catch here – the stump of your tree is likely to contain remnants of this disease and may spread it throughout the rest of your property.

For example, problems like Dutch Elm disease can move downwards into your stump and spread through your roots in the soil. As a result, you need to grind out the stump in your yard to keep these problems from spreading even further. A failure to do so could cause the rest of the trees in your yard to show symptoms of the disease you hoped to prevent by eliminating the problematic tree.

Extra Growth Issues

One of the most common problems you’ll experience with leftover stumps is their annoying tendency to grow trees again after they’ve been left alone. This situation will vary depending on the tree which you removed but typically triggers a myriad of concerns that make removing or grinding away the stump a better option than leaving it.

For example, growing stumps can produce a small tree that will continually grow over time and become a problematic issue for your landscaping. Simply put, these little trees are ugly and can make your home seem less appealing. Thankfully, they are quite easy to remove if you cut them down and then grind the stump down to nothing.

Another problem growing stumps produce is potential damage to your sidewalks and other areas near your home. For example, a living stump will produce roots that spread rapidly throughout your yard, end up under your sidewalks, and which may grow up and cause serious damage. As a result, stump grinding
is the best control method to consider in this situation.

Don’t Neglect the Benefits of Professional Help

As you can see, leaving a stump in your yard is simply not a good idea and something that you shouldn’t tolerate for a minute. The dangers that a leftover stump can cause to your home and your life are surprisingly diverse and may get worse if you don’t take the time to assess and manage them properly. Thankfully, a large number of companies exist that can eliminate stumps in your yard quickly and efficiently and give you back the safe yard you’ve always wanted.

So if you need stump grinding near Philadelphia, PA
completed and you aren’t sure to whom you want to turn, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience with this process and will take the time to not only inspect your yard properly but will work hard to ensure that your stumps are eliminated. With our help, you can get rid of all of your problematic stumps and have a great yard free of issues.

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