Stumps are a danger in many yards and can be quite distracting and frustrating to handle without professional help. Thankfully, the best stump grinding Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniahas to offer can ensure that you get the high-quality support that you need. Choose to grind, and your stumps will be gone in no time, protecting your family from injury and your yard from damage.

Why Grinding is So Fast

Stump grindingis designed to be the quickest and easiest way to destroy stumps in a yard. Typically, they can dig as deep as 18 inches into the ground to destroy a stump. This method is so fast because it’s designed to destroy a stump, rather than merely remove it. As a result, your grinding will go very quickly and is sometimes possible to finish in less than an hour or so, depending on the stump.

Grinding machines typically use very sharp and fast blades to cut apart a stump and disperse the debris. As a result, you won’t have to do any hands-on labor while a grinder runs. In some cases, all you’ll have to do is set up the grinder and let it run. At this point, the grinder will quickly destroy the stump and leave behind only a small hole that you can very quickly fill in your yard.

You may even be able to eliminate multiple stumps in an afternoon if you are careful and persistent with your grinding. The hands-off approach to this process means that you won’t get worn out nearly as quickly as you would when using axes or other physical methods of stump removal. As a result, you can focus even more on your grinding and get it done even sooner than expected.

How Grinding Works

The process of stump grindingis quite simple. It starts by finding a grinder that will easily fit over a stump. Then, the grinding professional – or you, if you want to try this process out – can measure or estimate how far you need to grind to eliminate the stump for good. Often, this process requires guesswork because you may not know precisely how far the stump is in the ground.

Then, you set the grinder into place, lock it down, and turn it on. The grinder may need some slight adjustments – some even need to be held by hand – but should have no problem getting rid of the stump on its own. As it grinds, make sure to stand back or on the platform near the grinder, or you might get hit by flying wood chips. And make sure to mark off a safety zone from which other people are banned.

Once the grinder is done, you’ll have a lot of wood chips in your yard, but no more stump. The hole where the stump used to be is likely to collapse, so you may need to add some more soil to it to support your yard. You can then pick up your wood chips, remove the grinder, and go on with your life.

Benefits of High-Quality Grinding

Stump grindingis a great choice not only because of its speed but because of a variety of other benefits. For example, grinding causes minimal issues with your yard, unlike other methods, and it should be quite easy to execute. In many cases, you may be able to handle the grinding yourself by renting a mechanical grinder. However, getting a professional to do it minimizes issues.

Grinding also destroys the stump entirely and leaves behind no remains. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the tree growing back on top of your stump. Even better, grinders will produce a large volume of wood chips during the process. The grinding professional collects these wood chips using a significant bit of plastic and then either get rid of them or uses them for other purposes.

For example, you can take your wood chips and spread them around various plants and trees as a high-quality mulch. If you let the chips lay in place for a year or put them in a compost heap, you should be able to get a large volume of high-quality mulch reasonably quickly. This process is often one that doesn’t require a lot of hands-on work, so be ready to do what is necessary to succeed here.

Other Methods to Consider

While stump grindingis the fastest way to get rid of tree trunks in your yard, there are other options that you may want to consider. For example, some people like backhoe stump removal because it helps to eliminate all of the stump in one fell swoop. However, your yard will get entirely disrupted if you utilize this option. You will also have to find a place to get rid of the stump, as it will still remain.

Other people prefer chemical stump removal because it will degrade the stump more quickly and cause it to rot away fairly quickly. Like with grinding, this option helps to get rid of the trunk entirely and with precise accuracy. However, you may end up with some chemical remains leftover that could contaminate your area and cause issues that may be hard to manage.

As a result, your best choice in this situation is to contact a stump removal expert about grinding. While this option does have its downsides – including the debris that it causes – you ultimately end up producing a high-quality yard that is free of stumps. Just make sure that you contact a professional who utilizes the latest stump removal processes to ensure that you get the best results.

Get the High-Quality Help That You Need

So if you want the best stump grinding Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniahas to offer to eliminate problematic trunks in your yard, please contact us at Pinecrest Tree Services right away to learn more. We have years of experience working with individuals like you and will do what it takes to ensure you get the best results. Our experts strive to satisfy your needs in a way that helps you succeed.

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