The various ways to get rid of that stump!

Stump removal is a key part of the tree removal process. When looking for a company who specializes in stump removal, Philadelphia residents should read through all of the techniques and methods used for stump removal in order to find the best service and company for the job. Interested in learning more about stump removal? Philadelphia company, Pinecrest Tree Services, is a fountain of knowledge in this subject!

1.Stump Grinding

This is the most efficient and the best way to go about stump removal. Philadelphia tree stumps are notorious for being large and difficult to remove, and a stump grinder grinds the stump into little shreds, and is then hauled away by the stump removal company. The hole left behind is filled in for new grass to grow to keep your lawn beautiful.

2.Chemical Removal

This is a way to remove tree stumps, but is not an ideal method for stump removalPhiladelphia homeowners should be wary of this method because it utilizes harmful chemicals that can hurt children, pets, and grass. However, it is still a relatively effective way to remove tree stumps.


Just like you can burn a tree down, you can also burn the tree stump. Is this safe? Possibly. But there are many ways this can go wrong. You should be cautious anytime you choose to burn the tree stump away so you don’t cause any home fires or surrounding fires.

All of these are effective methods for stump removal. Philadelphia residents should also be aware of the reasons behind stump removal.

1.Prevent disease spreading

If you have to take a tree down due to disease or infection, it is crucial to utilize a stump removal service in order to protect the other trees from infection.


In order to keep your lawn beautiful, make sure to hire a company that offers stump grinding so that you can keep your lawn looking beautiful. A leftover tree stump is a very unappealing item to have sitting in a lawn!


It is easy for children and pets to trip over leftover tree stumps. To keep your family safe, always remove the tree stump when you are done with your tree removal.

Have you had a tree removed from your property recently? Pinecrest Tree Services utilizes a stump grinder to effectively remove the tree stump from your lawn. Give us a call and let us help keep your lawn healthy, safe, and beautiful!

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