Someone who has specialized in caring for trees goes by the title, arborist. They are well trained in tendering for trees and also understand their needs. Most homeowners are big on DIY. Why call someone else to complete a project for you when you can have fun and save some money in the process? In fact, most things will be done right when you do them yourself. But, there are some tasks best left to the experts and tree services Philadelphia make it on the list.

What tree services do you offer?

We are a tree care company in Philadelphia that specializes in commercial and residential tree care services. Our services include:

Emergency tree service- we provide emergency tree services if a tree falls on your car, house, or shed as a result of storm or disease. Falling trees have been known to cause tremendous damage to property and even claimed lives. When this happens, call the best tree services Philadelphia has to offer and get an estimate and have the tree removed as soon as possible.

Tree removal- Trees are removed for various reasons including poor health or upon the owner’s request. We can also evaluate a tree that you aren’t very sure about and recommend whether it is safe, needs removal or can be saved. It’s hard for the untrained eye to tell whether a tree has other complex issues.

Tree trimming and pruning- tree trimming is vital for the trees overall beauty and health. It is also critical for your safety because if the dead tree branches are not trimmed, they could fall and cause damage. Pruning is also good for the tree’s structure and appearance. Tree services in Philadelphia are readily available, and you should not be tempted to perform these tasks by yourself.

Stump Removal and grinding- A DIY tree removal attempt may leave behind a stump since it is not very easy to remove without proper equipment. If you cannot find a creative way to work with the stump in your landscape or it is getting in your way, our tree services in Philadelphia have a solution.

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