Pinecrest Tree Services offers a number of tree services Philadelphia has grown to appreciate over the years. Here are a few questions that will discuss the different types of tree services in Philadelphia that are available:

Q. Do you have stump grinding and stump removal services available, and why should I grind the stump?

A. If you have a leftover tree stump in your yard, it can be more than an annoyance. A stump can be difficult to landscape around, interrupt outdoor games and activities, and be a safety hazard as well. It can be very difficult to remove a stump yourself. Our company can grind a stump quickly and create mulch that you can use to either fill in the hole left behind or spread around your yard. This way your yard won’t have any dangerous holes left behind.

Q. Why should I trim and prune my trees?

A. The tree services Philadelphia admires would like to recommend both services. Tree pruning is essential for helping trees to keep their beauty and structure. Tree trimming is essential for tree maintenance, and to be done right it should to be done regularly. Trimming will get rid of dead wood and dead limbs that might fall and hurt somebody. Tree services in Philadelphia should be done by professionals for your safety and also for a good appearance for your property. We can also raise the canopy so that clearance underneath is available.

Q. Does my tree need removal?

A. Let the experts check it out. We’ll check the health of the tree above the ground and also in the roots. We’ll also check to see if your tree is leaning precariously or possibly has a disease.

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