Trim those trees safely!

When removing a tree from your yard, it is important to call a tree service to help with this big task. However, often times people decide to forgo the tree service. Philadelphia, PA residents should be sure to read up on the tips surrounding this daunting task in order to remain safe and carry the job out effectively. Here are a few tips to help with your tree removal. Too much for you? Hire a tree service ! Pinecrest Tree Services is a company who specializes in all areas of tree service. Philadelphia, PA residents have been utilizing us for many years!

1.Work with a trusted partner

In order to stay safe during tree removal, it is always advised for you to work with a partner to help trim the tree and watch for any dangerous areas while you are removing parts of your tree. A tree service can also help with this. For quality tree service, Philadelphia, PA residents trust Pinecrest Tree Services.

2.Inspect the tree

If you are choosing not to utilize a tree service, Philadelphia, PA residents are always advised to inspect the trees for any rotting, weak areas, or damage before they ascend the tree and begin removing its branches. A tree service is a great way to avoid any danger or harm that can come from tree removal.

3.Call the power company

If the areas of the tree that you are removing are too close to a power line, make sure you follow this life saving tip. Call the power company and have them come out and prep the area for safety before you start to trim the tree. Failing to do this can lead to serious injury and death.


For all tree services, contact us here at Pinecrest Tree Removal. We make tree trimming and tree removal easy and safe.

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