Tree trimming is more important than you would think.

There are many reasons to have your trees trimmed, not only for a beautiful lawn but for safety as well. If you are looking for a company who provides tree trimming, Philadelphia loves the services provided by Pinecrest Tree Services. For a great tree trimming service in Philadelphia , give us a call. We are insured, experienced, and would love to help you with all of your tree trimming needs.


When it comes to landscaping and tree trimming, Philadelphia residents know that we are the leading company in the area to landscape their yard. We can shape your trees to look a certain way, remove trees from your window view, and overall make your lawn look beautiful. Call us about all of our landscaping services.


Preventing accidents is crucial when it comes to maintaining your trees. Overtime, allowing your trees to become overgrown can put extensive weight on the branches. When this happens, it is easy for the trees to snap, causing harm to both your home, you, or your family. This is a great reason to hire us for tree trimming service in Philadelphia.

3.Legal Reasons

Your HOA or city may have requirements regarding your trees. Overgrown trees that go into the street and can harm passing pedestrians or cars can become a legal issue or an issue within the city. Your HOA may also require that you maintain proper tree trimming. Philadelphia residents often call us to keep their trees in shape and looking great.

No matter what your reason is for hiring a company for a tree trimming service in Philadelphia , Pinecrest Tree Services can help. Give us a call today for all of your tree trimming needs. We also provide stump removal, tree removal, and emergency tree services for your convenience.

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