If you have cut down trees in your yard, you might have contacted high-quality stump grinding Philadelphia companies to manage the leftover parts. However, you also may not have taken out stumps because you don’t realize the potential danger they pose to your and your family. Once you read this article, you’ll want to get stumps out of your yard for good.

Tree Diseases That Damage Their Health

When you remove a diseased tree from your yard, you need to get rid of the stump as well. The disease from the tree may still be lingering in the trunk and may spread it to other trees on your property. While it might be a little harder for a stump to spread Dutch Elm disease to nearby trees, it can still happen and will be devastating to your trees.

Property Value Problems

Though it might not seem likely, stumps can actually impact your property values in a variety of ways. First of all, stumps are simply ugly and nobody trying to buy your home will want one in their yard. However, stumps can also damage your soil by continuing to grow and impacting its density. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with your home’s foundation.

Cracked Sidewalks and Concrete

How can a stump from a dead tree cause damage to your concrete? First of all, the tree might have been removed, but the stump is still alive. As a result, it draws nourishment from the ground and will continue to grow. Though its growth will be slower, it can still branch out destructive roots and even new shoots that grow around your yard and crack concrete and other areas.

Tripping Hazard

Your children probably like playing in the backyard when the weather is right. However, they might end up tripping over a stump while they are playing and experiencing injury. Even worse, it is possible that your children could trip and land on the stump, chipping a tooth or cutting themselves. Get rid of stumps to keep your children safe from this danger.

How to Eliminate Stumps

Stumps can be removed in a multitude of ways. First of all, you can have somebody literally dig the stump out of your yard. This process requires a lot of digging and is very physical in nature. Other methods include adding destructive acid to the stumps. This removal method will attack only the wood and leave only a minimal residue when the stump is gone. Some techniques combine these approaches to create a powerful and accurate way of destroying stumps for good.

Get Your Stumped Ground Up

So if you have stumps that need to be taken care of in your yard, don’t hesitate to contact the best stump grinding Philadelphia firms available. Destroying stumps helps to protect you, your family, and your pets from the dangers of stumps and keeps everybody happy, healthy, and safe.

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