Perhaps the most important aspect of your home for the perceived value of your home is also one of the most superficial aspects of your home – the curb appeal. How pretty and attractive your home looks from the street is a major element for your home value that is easy to get a great ROI on. Keeping your curb appeal in top condition your need to remove the eyesores that are ruining your home’s appearance. Here are three of the most common eyesores that can hurt your home’s curb appeal and wreck your home’s value.

Overgrown Tree Roots

The first eyesore that can hurt your home’s curb appeal is overgrown tree roots that peak out up and above the ground. When your tree roots get overgrown, they can become a struggle to cover up long term and solve. A short-term solution for your overgrown roots is to lay down a bottom layer of topsoil and mulch to cover the overgrown roots. A more permanent solution to the problem is to remove the tree and level the surface again. Finally, you can prune tree roots, but only those that are five times the diameter of the trunk away from the base of the tree.


Another common eyesore that can hurt your home’s curb appeal is weeds sprouting through your lawn and yard. Overgrown weeds in your yard can make your home look unoccupied. The best part about weeds as an eyesore in your yard is that they are pretty easy to solve all by yourself. Regular weeding of your garden areas is important. You can also spray a weedkiller on your lawn to help suppress the growth of more weeds from sprouting up in their place. The key is to spot weeds as soon as possible.

Unkempt Lawn

The final eyesore that can hurt your home’s curb appeal worse than anything else is an unkempt lawn. If your home has a grass lawn or yard that you do not regularly mow and manicure, it will quickly sprout tall and serve as a host site for weeds. Mowing your lawn weekly or biweekly is critically important to maintaining your curb appeal. When you take care of your yard, it gives the impression you care for other areas of your home as well.

Your home’s curb appeal can be more important than you think. In fact, your curb appeal has an outside effect on your home value. If you can handle these three eyesores, then your curb appeal will soar.

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