Trying to implement a perfect landscaping solution for your yard, but an ungainly tree stump is giving you headaches? Here’s a quick breakdown of tree stump removal and grinding services available in Philadelphia and why hiring local matters.

The Basics of Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stumps leftover after landscaping can do far worse than ruin the appearance of your property. They can pose a significant safety hazard, especially for families with children. Inexpertly removed tree stumps are even worse, often leaving an unsightly hole in the ground.

The solution is simple – professional tree stump grinding. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits that this service can provide.

  • Aesthetics: Leave no trace of the tree ever having been there in the first place.
  • Pest Control: Don’t let the stump become a breeding ground for insects.
  • Plant Health: Keep rot from spreading to other, healthy trees nearby.
  • Safety: Avoid all unnecessary risks of personal injury.

Why Choose a Local Tree Stump Grinding Service

By hiring a reputable tree service professional to grind away the stump, you’re choosing the quickest, safest option, avoiding all possible complications. But other than obvious convenience, is there really a reason to go local when hiring tree stump grinding services? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Any tree specialist worth his salt will know all there is to know about local landscaping regulations. There are always some in place, limiting what you can do on your property and how. Now, Philadelphia is not too stringent when it comes to zoning laws and tree removal, true. But depending on your exact location, there could still be licenses to get and bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

The latest zoning guidelines detail steep slope and watershed considerations , as well as heritage tree removal regulations. If you’d rather not get into all that yourself, hire a local tree stump grinding service instead!

Full-Service Stump Grinding/Removal

In addition to keeping you up to date with local regulations, your tree stump grinding specialist should have a broad view of the plans you have for your property. Tree services are a small but important aspect of your overall landscaping project and deserve to be treated as such.

It’s perfectly reasonable to hire a company like Pinecrest Tree Services for just one simple job, like stump grinding or tree trimming. It is also possible, however, that you hire a company like ours as part of a larger undertaking. Our experienced technicians will consult and cooperate with any other contractors you’ve hired to deliver the broader landscape project quickly and efficiently.

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